Inspired to create the ultimate in affordable Luxury - Bentelli was founded by a dynamic duo, 5th generation Diamond dealers and Jewelers. The pair of brothers sought to encompass the brilliance of diamonds, then encasing these sparkling gems in Sterling silver for the ultimate marriage of elegance and style.


Luxury needs to have a lasting effect, something to keep hold of, an item to treasure. The allure of a sparkling diamond, a cluster of glittering stones, whether it is a beautiful singles gem or a cascade of shimmering diamonds. The Bentelli brand offers its wearer the chance to capture that luxurious flavor, to own a piece of diamond jewelry with a point of difference and a touch of designer flare.


Playing with elegant shapes and forms, our team of designers and craftsman tirelessly work to bring the right balance between versatile design, an acute attention to detail and keeping an edge of sophistication. With an emphasis on European design, linear details and the move towards unadorned, simple styling it's the perfect way to compliment any outfit, giving you the flexibility to wear your Bentelli jewelry anytime, anywhere. If your design style is to create a minimal mood, then our jewelry collections will deliver uncompromising results - Perfectly proportioned aesthetics with hints of modern glamour.


Our fine jewelry manufacturers handcraft Bentelli, where highly skilled craftsmen create each individual piece, using Sterling Silver with high quality diamonds and gems. Our workshops and jewelers primarily craft higher end fine jewelry, so the craftsmanship and skill level used to produce our Bentelli pieces are of the highest standard, setting us apart from the mass production of many Silver jewelry lines.

The brightly polished finish of the Silver in every Bentelli item highlights the clean cut, simple designs - with some pieces accented by a smooth satin surface, then beautifully set with sparkling diamonds. The allure of Sterling silver is even more enhanced by elements of rose and yellow gold enabling the Bentelli jewelry collections to encapsulate comfortable luxury, perfectly aligned with irresistible appeal.


As a finishing touch, emphasizing our quality and luxury values, every piece of our Sterling Silver jewelry is placed into the beautiful ‘Bentelli Blue’ jewelry box, the perfect gift for any occasion. With chic blue coloring, our bespoke packaging is designed to present your piece of jewelry to its best and add to the Bentelli experience. Whether your purchase is for a birthday or seasonal gift, or perhaps a special treat for yourself, the Bentelli brand defines ‘easy to wear’ jewelry - the definition of glamour with an affordable price tag.