Strahlend collection

"The perfect blend of modern style and contemporary finishes combining satin and polished elements, then accented with diamonds."


Belleni collection

"Entwining lines of rose gold colouring contrasted with the symmetry of polished silver, gives this range a modern-day edge with fashion flair."


bentelli style

"With an emphasis on European design, linear details and the move towards unadorned, simple styling it's the perfect way to compliment any outfit, giving you the flexibility to wear your Bentelli jewelry anytime, anywhere."

Bentelli woman

"Legendary style leaves an indelible impression. It's something that people remember and appreciate long after you are gone."


Inspired to create the ultimate in affordable Luxury - Bentelli was founded by a dynamic duo, 5th generation Diamond dealers, and Jewelers. The pair of brothers sought to encompass the brilliance of diamonds, then encasing these sparkling gems in Sterling silver for the ultimate marriage of elegance and style.